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Who is Naru Takano?

Born on August 2, 1962, in Oita Prefecture, this farm business producer advocates for “product development from the production area” and engages in the production and processing techniques of herbs, guidance on organic produce, product planning and marketing, consulting for the use of markets, and support for business construction in collaboration with overseas universities. He also works on planning and developing healthcare boutiques and spa-related products for international hotels. In 1990, he established Find News Co., Ltd. and, as its CEO, has been developing and selling herbs and organic products under the concept of “herbs to eat, herbs to drink.” To rejuvenate land, he utilizes local fishery and livestock waste for composting and proposes stress-free WildFlower Farming, as well as advancing “Nutrition Farm,” a new value agriculture that combines environmental and nutritional values, acting as a regional brand strategist. He is also involved in marketing and export support for domestically produced vegetables and fruits to overseas markets.